FIFA Women's World Cup


Asian Cup 2007

7.10 CHN 5-1 MYS
7.15 CHN 2-2 IRN
7.18 CHN 0-3 UZB

Asian Games men's

11.30 CHN 1-0 IRQ
12.03 CHN 3-1 MYS
12.07 CHN 2-1 OMN
12.09 CHN 9-10 IRN

Asian Games women's

12.01 CHN 7-0 THA
12.05 CHN 12-0 JOR
12.08 CHN 0-1 JPN
12.11 CHN 1-3 PRK
12.13 CHN 2-0 KOR

Asian Cup qualification

2.22 CHN 2-0 PLE
3.01 Iraq 2-1 CHN
8.16 CHN 1-0 SGP
9.06 SGP 0-0 CHN
8.16 PLE 0-2 CHN
9.06 CHN 1-1 IRQ

Men's National Team

Men's National Team

Loisel to lead China women's football team

  Elisabeth Loisel claimed to lift the Chinese women's football national team to the world top six on Sunday when she was unveiled as the seventh head coach of the Chinese side over four years.

  The Chinese local media was taken a back when the 44-year-old former France trainer appeared in the corridors of the Chinese Football Association clad in Chinese team track suit and at the ready to attend a press conference, where she would address the startled reporters as the new head coach of the Steel Rose.

  It seemed that in only five days, from Loisel's predecessor Marika Domanski-Lyfors' quit to the Frenchwoman's installation, the CFA had finished their selection process of the candidates and sealed the deal with Loisel with efficiency.

  "Elisabeth signed the contract with CFA at noon today to officially take charge of the Chinese women's team," said the team press official Meng Hongtao.

  The former France head coach escaped the prying eyes of the local media and sneaked into Beijing on Saturday before completing her negotiation with the CFA, Meng said.

  The bespectacled Loisel looked in good spirit when she mapped out her ambition with her new side.

  "China have made considerable progress under the guidance of Marika, and in the days to come, I will work flat out to help them achieve more," she said.

  "Judged from their performance, China should be ranked among the world top ten, and our future objective is to reach the top six.

  "I have every confidence with the team, they are young and have great potentials. Some of them are still wanting in individual skills, and other problems will be easily sorted out.

  "Compared with the World Cup semi-finalists, namely Germany, Brazil, the United States and Norway, the Chinese players lack physical power... And we'll work hard on improving their stamina and personal power," she said.

  She also touched on the next year's Olympic Games which is a thorny issue for her, as she is expected to take the team to a medal podium place.

  "Everybody knows that there are three colors of medals on offer in every competition in the Olympics, we will try our best to get one," she said.

  She also warned that the axe will fall on some players during the following training camps.

  "I will constantly choose the players, those with more potential will come up," she said.

  Loisel will set up the first training camp in on Wednesday where 35 players are expected to attend, team press official Meng said.



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